The little big differences of SWISS

Swiss International Air Lines and Edelweiss are partners of the House of Switzerland Brazil 2016. Both airlines offer visitors of the small Swiss village, in the midst of Rio, a relaxed ambiance and the opportunity to find out more about their products and destinations.

SWISS will present many novelties. For example, the revised brand appearance will still be launched in Brazil in the form of an advertising campaign this year. Find out more about the new brand presence and its underlying concept, which aims at focusing even more on the customer, while still emphasizing its Swiss heritage and Swissness. 

As the national airline of Switzerland, SWISS knows better than anyone else why details make a decisive difference, as being quality conscious is inherently Swiss. The Swiss may not have invented watches, but they have contributed decisively in perfecting its manufacture. The same applies to chocolate, cheese, democracy, extending all the way to reliability. Switzerland is synonymous with highest quality. Always.

Lady talking on the phone

Those travelling with SWISS will fall in love with Switzerland even before arriving at their destination. Besides Swiss hospitality, travellers can look forward to a lot more from Switzerland aboard. For example to fine specialities from all regions in Switzerland, a Swiss aircraft interior, Swiss onboard gastronomy, as well as to an onboard entertainment system featuring many Swiss creations.

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We at SWISS want you to travel not as a passenger, but as a guest. That you don’t just eat, but savour Swiss delicacies. And that you feel at home when you travel. Because SWISS is „Made of Switzerland“.