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Goodbye Olympics, hello Paralympics!

The House of Switzerland has been part of the first Olympic Games in South America and has still not enough! This is why the House of Switzerland will stay in Rio de Janeiro during the Paralympics to enjoy this unique time with the Cariocas! 

Our third week’s program at the House of Switzerland was literally a marathon! There was the Sports as Business conference by swissnex Brazil, where the sport transformations and its legal implications were discussed, Katerina Polemi mesmerized us on stage with her duo and quartet formation, together we celebrated Giulia Steingrube’s and Nicola Spirig’s Medals, and experience a true barbecue adventure with Chris at the Feuerring workshop. 

There will be many more old and new attractions at the House of Switzerland during the Paralympics! 

Until August 20th we have been glad to host more than 160’00 visitors at the House of Switzerland and bring them a bit closer to Swiss culture and entertainment. More than 11 thousand cheeses, more than 1500 bottles of wine and more than 2 tons of potatoes have been enjoyed by our visitors. Our House has certainly been one of the most photographed and visited one in Rio de Janeiro. This extremely positive echo fills us at the House of Switzerland with joy! 

On top of that, we were able to celebrate together with our Athletes and the amazing visitors their victories with the beautiful Lagoa scenery. In total we won 7 medals out of them 3 golden ones by (Fabian Cancellara at cycling; Mario Gyr, Simon Niepmann, Simon Schürch and Lucas Tramèr at rowing;  Nino Schurter at mountain bike cross-country), 2 silver ones (Timea Bacsinszky and Martina Hingis at female double tennis; Nicola Spirig at triathlon) and two bronze medals (Heidi Diethelm Gerber at shooting and Giulia Steingruber at gymnastics).

There will still be plenty more moments to yell #HoppSwiss as there will be 21 Athletes during the Paralympics competing to win medals and many more activites programed at the House of Switzerland! 

During the time between the Olympics and the Paralympics we will have special opening hours. Between the 24th of August and the 6th of September the House of Switzerland will be closed on Mondays and Tuesday starting as of the 22th and 23rd of August. Come and join us on Wednesdays to Fridays from 17h to 23h and on the weekends from 11h to 23h. The Swiss Tourism attractions, the ice rink and the snow globe will be closed as from now and open again on Thursday 7th September until the 18th of September.  The proceedings for these attractions will continue the same and therefore require tickets at the queue when visiting the House of Switzerland. 

We are all looking forward to welcoming you at the House of Switzerland and are excited to celebrate together the first Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!