Conditions of participation - Presence Switzerland contest

Conditions of participation - FDFA contest 

Presence Switzerland, which is part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, is organising a competition on its Facebook account “@HouseofSwitzerland”. The competition is free of charge and participants are under no obligation to buy anything. 
The dates of the competition are specified on the Facebook page’s publication relating to the competition of Presence Switzerland. 
Participation in this competition implies acceptance of the following rules. 

1. Who can take part? 

The competition is open to everyone who is aged 18 or over, and to minors with their parents’ approval, but not to Presence Switzerland staff members and their family. 

Competition associations and automated competition services are also not permitted to participate. 

Furthermore, Presence Switzerland may exclude a participant at any time if there are legitimate reasons for doing so, such as a violation of the conditions of participation or attempted manipulation, and reserves the right to institute legal proceedings. 
Presence Switzerland reserves its right to require participants to show proof that they meet these conditions to qualify for a prize. 
In order to take part, participants must have a Facebook account and subscribe to Presence Switzerland page: @HouseofSwitzerland

2. How to take part? 

On the day of the contest, Presence Switzerland will publish a post containing the question and the details regarding the participation (including its deadline). Participation in the competition is via direct comments on the post on the Facebook account @HouseofSwitzerland. Only answers submitted in this way will be considered. 

3. Winners and prizes 

The prizes to be won will be mentioned in the according publication on the Facebook page of Presence Switzerland. 

3.1. Selection and announcement of winners 

This competition awards the number of person(s) indicated in the publication on the Facebook page of Presence Switzerland. 
Presence Switzerland will pick the winner by drawing lots from the answers. Winners are thus determined by pure chance. Winners are informed via Facebook Messenger or per email. In taking part, they authorise Presence Switzerland to announce their name in a Facebook post. Non-winning participants will not be contacted by Presence Switzerland.

3.2. Distribution of prizes 

To receive their prize, winners are requested to inform Presence Switzerland via Facebook Messenger or per email to of their postal address within 7 days from the day of announcement on Facebook. Winners who do not contact Presence Switzerland within 7 days are deemed to have forfeited their prize. When this happens, a new winner is picked for the same prize. 

3.3. Prizes 

The prize(s) will be sent to the winners in the following month after the competition. The winners agree not to sell the prize or exchange it for goods or services of any kind. 
If you have any questions, please email

4. Data protection 

4.1. The contest is held on the Facebook and Presence Switzerland is not responsible for the data processing involved.

4.2. Presence Switzerland will only process the data freely provided by the participants for the sole purpose of running the contest. 

4.3. The data collected by Presence Switzerland will be destroyed within 3 months after the end of the contest. 

5. Right to cancel/modify the competition 


Presence Switzerland may change the competition at any time and reserves the right to cancel the competition if there are important reasons for doing so. Such a cancellation may occur in particular if the proper conduct of the competition is no longer assured. 

In the event of cancellation or modification of the competition, participants are not entitled to claim any compensation. 

Swiss law is applicable in the event of a dispute and the place of jurisdiction is Berne.